WIQS—general obligations
WIQS—general obligations

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  • WIQS—general obligations

WIQS—general obligations

The WIQS requires a number of general and basic obligations to the client that must be met and these can be seen as complementary to the core management standards as well as the practice's general practice and specific policies. These should be standard in any event, but a checklist can be used to either confirm (by a ✓) that the practice handbook contains these requirements, or the checklist can form part of the file and be completed as and when needed to ease periodic reviews.

In some circumstances, it may be advisable to supplement the obligations with formal training (eg on client financial abuse) so as to comply more fully.

Client communication
1.Clients will be treated with dignity and respect and in a manner sensitive to the circumstances
2Clients will be given:
2.1 a copy of the WIQS Client Service Charter, or
2.2 directed to an online copy
3At commencement of a matter clients will be given:
3.1 an explanation of the issues raised
3.2 the options available to deal with them
3.3 the processes involved
3.4 a likely time frame
4At commencement clients will also be given:
4.1 the name and status of the person dealing with their matter
4.2 the name and status of the

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