WIQS—estate administration protocols
WIQS—estate administration protocols

The following Wills & Probate practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • WIQS—estate administration protocols
  • WIQS—general principles
  • WIQS—general obligations
  • WIQS—core practice management standards
  • WIQS—general practice policies
  • WIQS—estate administration protocol
  • WIQS—estate administration practice policies
  • WIQS—grant application protocol
  • WIQS—post grant administration
  • WIQS—specific post administration aspects

WIQS—estate administration protocols

The Law Society Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) was launched in 2013 and operates through a series of prescriptive practice policies across the Will drafting and estate administration areas. The protocols and policies set out in the estate administration part of the WIQS scheme do not give a step-by-step method of conducting the administration, as this will depend on the assets and liabilities in the estate and the expertise of those dealing with the administration, as well as any recent developments in the law which may not have been incorporated into the protocols. However, it does provide a blueprint for how a practice must approach administration to be able to claim the certification of WIQS.

WIQS—general principles

As stated by the Law Society, WIQS is designed to produce a quality standard for the production of Wills and the administration of estates. It has a number of constituent parts:

  1. the overseeing by (and responsibility of) the Senior Responsible Officer

  2. the adoption of good practice management standards

  3. adherence to a protocol which sets out the standards that should be complied with

In order to qualify for the scheme, a practice does not only need to be competent in dealing with probate and estate administration (and Will drafting—see: Will drafting protocols—overview) but also needs to abide by a set of principles set out in the scheme. Its

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