Who do we need to influence?
Who do we need to influence?

The following In-House Advisor guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Who do we need to influence?

In the previous Practice Notes: What we mean by influencing? and Why do we need to influence? we considered what influencing is and why we need to do it. In this Practice Note, we move on to think about who it is that we need to influence.

The short sharp answer to the question, is pretty much everyone. This was echoed by all the senior GCs interviewed by Neill Abrams where he stresses 'who do I not need to influence?'

Although this may appear to be overwhelming, the following guidelines and practical tips should help you identify the key players more easily.

What often happens in many large firms is this. The new trainees arrive in a department and immediately think that they needed to impress the partners but in the process some of them are possibly dismissive of their team secretaries, who are often all-powerful in the department. At this early stage in their career, some trainees failed to identify that team secretaries were possibly one of the most important sets of people in their working life. They are an absolute mine of useful knowledge, contacts and information. From the outset, you need to be very much aware of who is important in your network at the right time, acknowledge that this will change on a regular basis and that it is not