What’s new and what’s changed in 2021—Risk & Compliance

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  • What’s new and what’s changed in 2021—Risk & Compliance
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What’s new and what’s changed in 2021—Risk & Compliance

This Practice Note keeps you informed, on a month-by-month basis, about amended existing content and newly-published content in Risk & Compliance. This content may have been added or amended to reflect regulatory changes or as part of our ongoing content development.

September 2021

New or updated?ContentReason
NewPractice Note: Risk & Compliance forecast as at 21 September 2021Content development
NewQ&A: If a company offers non-employees a referral fee for referring clients to the company (eg X% of margin from referred work), would these fees for referring work risk contravening the Bribery Act 2010 provisions?Content development
UpdatedPractice Note: UK sanctions regimes currently in forceUpdated with new sanctions regulation The Democratic Republic of the Congo (Sanctions) (EU Exit) (Amendment) Regulations 2021, SI 2021/1041.
UpdatedChecklist: Customer due diligence—checklistUpdated for Brexit
UpdatedPractice Note: Making a SAR and obtaining a defence or consent
Flowchart: SAR glossary codes and additional reporting routes—flowchart
Updated with new NCA glossary codes — XXMLTMXX Money laundering through markets and XXVAXX virtual assets.
UpdatedPractice Notes:
—Brexit legislation tracker
—Brexit timeline
Updated to reflect latest Brexit developments.
UpdatedPractice Notes:
—Coronavirus (COVID-19)—managing the workplace from 19 July 2021
—Coronavirus (COVID-19)—testing and vaccination issues for employers
Updated to reflect latest government guidance.
NewPractice Notes:
—Occupational health and safety—Japan—Q&A guide
—Occupational health and safety—Philippines—Q&A guide
—Occupational health and safety—South Korea—Q&A guide
—Occupational health and safety—Thailand—Q&A guide
—Occupational health and safety—USA—Q&A guide
Content development
NewPractice Note: Children and data

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