What will the costs be in an ADCCAC arbitration?

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Published on LexisPSL on 18/06/2015

The following Arbitration Q&A provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • What will the costs be in an ADCCAC arbitration?
  • Types of costs incurred
  • Costs in the Terms of Reference/Arbitration Deed
  • Registration fees
  • Arbitration fees
  • Administration fees
  • What happens if a party does not pay its share of the costs?
  • Who pays the costs of the arbitration?

What will the costs be in an ADCCAC arbitration?

When an arbitration agreement provides for arbitration under the 2013 Procedural Regulations of Arbitration (the 2013 Regulations) of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation & Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC or the Centre), the parties must, among many other things, consider the costs that will be incurred in the arbitration. The costs include, but are not limited to:

  1. each party's representatives, experts fees and expenses

  2. fees of the institution

  3. fees of the Panel (in ADCCAC arbitration, the tribunal is called the Panel)

  4. other expenses such as venue costs, translators, witnesses' expenses

Types of costs incurred

To a certain extent, and despite the best efforts of all involved, it is difficult to anticipate how much an arbitration will cost (for information on costs in international arbitration generally, see Practice Note: Costs in international arbitration). In terms of the costs of the institution and the Panel's fees, the 2013 Regulations provide the following.

Costs in the

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