What to do this month—June 2014
What to do this month—June 2014

The following Practice Compliance practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • What to do this month—June 2014
  • Improving our templates
  • What's new and what's changed
  • Routine monitoring and annual review
  • What to read
  • How can law firms benefit from cloud computing?
  • What are the key findings in the Jeffrey review?
  • Building defences against cyber-attacks
  • Are you on the lookout for signs of money laundering?
  • Modernising legal services
  • More...

This Practice Note takes the pain out of staying up-to-date, with practical suggestions on what to do in June 2014, why and how. You’ll also find a round-up of our best news reports and this month’s Lunch & Learn programme.

Improving our templates

As part of our program of continual development, we've improved the format of our policy and forms templates to make them even easier for you to adopt and customise.

These changes are mostly in the background—you'll probably only notice a touch of renumbering. The only exceptions, where there are a few more changes to note, are:

Improved contentWhat's changed
Template: Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policyStreamlining, simplifying and better organising of the CDD section, in particular removing CDD document requirements tables from the body and moving into appendices. The training section has been consolidated
Mortgage fraud—warning signsThis has moved from templates to Practice Notes
Privilege examplesThis has moved from templates to Practice Notes
Limit of liability wording templateThis has been removed and replaced with links to the Client care letter and Terms of business templates
Template: Business plan—consumer and Business plan—commercialUpdating and removing of out of date content, particularly about current market conditions

We've also moved our ever-popular 'Checklists' to a dedicated area within each topic. The checklists themselves haven't changed, they should simply be easier to find.

What's new and what's changed

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