What does Brexit mean for the .eu top level domain name?

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Published on LexisPSL on 23/11/2018

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  • What does Brexit mean for the .eu top level domain name?

What does Brexit mean for the .eu top level domain name?

The .eu is the generic top level domain for the EU, governed by Regulation (EC) 733/2002. Currently, around 300,000 domains have a UK registrant. See further, Practice Note: Domain names—background, registration and dispute resolution and for further information on domain names, see: Domain names—overview.

On the 29 March 2019, when the UK leaves the EU, it will no longer be subject to EU law, subject to any transitional arrangements. In relation to the rights of UK registrants of .eu domain names after Brexit, the European Commission on the 28 March 2018, published a Notice to Stakeholders: Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU rules on .eu domain names. This document states that:

‘As of the withdrawal date, undertakings and organisations that are established in the United Kingdom but not in the EU and natural persons who reside in the United Kingdom will no longer be eligible to register .eu domain names or, if they are .eu registrants, to renew .eu domain names registered before the withdrawal date.’

The notice further provides that:

‘where, as of the withdrawal date and as a result of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, a holder of a domain name does no longer fulfil the general eligibility criteria pursuant to Article 4(2)(b) of Regulation (EC) 733/2002, the Registry for .eu will be entitled

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