Waiver of notice
Waiver of notice

The following Employment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Waiver of notice
  • Waiving contractual notice
  • Waiving statutory notice
  • Effective date of termination

Waiver of notice

Employers and employees can waive their right to be given notice when their employment relationship comes to an end.

Waiving contractual notice

An employer can waive its right to receive contractual notice at any time. Any waiver of the right to notice should be carefully documented by the employer because:

  1. there may later be a dispute about whether the waiver was freely given

  2. it may affect the effective date of termination of employment

In theory, employees can also waive their rights to payment in lieu of notice, although it will only rarely be in their interests to do so, for example where a generous voluntary redundancy package

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