VPS Holdings Limited/SitexOrbis Holdings Limited [Archived]
VPS Holdings Limited/SitexOrbis Holdings Limited [Archived]

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  • VPS Holdings Limited/SitexOrbis Holdings Limited [Archived]
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ARCHIVED–this archived case hub reflects the position at the date of the decision of 17 August 2012; it is no longer maintained.

See further, timeline and commentary.

Case facts

Outline UK merger investigation into the completed acquisition by VPS Holdings Limited of SitexOrbis Holdings Limited.

Latest developments The CC concluded that there was an SLC in the supply of SSVP to social housing customers across Great Britain, to commercial customers in Scotland, South Wales, south-west and north-east England, and to commercial customers with national SSVP requirements.

The CC required VPS to divest the SitexOrbis GB business to a suitable upfront buyer who was contractually committed to the transaction before VPS could proceed with carving out the Northern Ireland business unit. The monitoring trustee would continue in place until the completion of the divestiture.