Visitors: the suitability requirements
Produced in partnership with Gillian McCall of Richmond Chambers
Visitors: the suitability requirements

The following Immigration practice note Produced in partnership with Gillian McCall of Richmond Chambers provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Visitors: the suitability requirements
  • Appendix V suitability requirements
  • Periods of overstay where para V3.9A applies
  • What happens if the applicant cannot meet the suitability requirements?

STOP PRESS: This Practice Note is being updated to reflect changes to the Immigration Rules further to Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules HC 813. For further information on these changes, see: LNB News 22/10/2020 80. See also Practice Note: The post-Brexit immigration system: what will it look like?

The suitability requirements to be met by all visitors are set out in the Immigration Rules, Appendix V, Part V3. Appendix V is intended to be a free-standing appendix to the Immigration Rules and the general grounds for refusal contained in the Immigration Rules, Part 9 do not apply to visitors.

The suitability requirements set out in Appendix V, Part V3 generally mirror some of the general grounds of refusal set out in Part 9, although there are exceptions. The suitability requirements are split into requirements which ‘will’ lead to an application being refused if the requirements are not met, and those where the immigration officer (IO) or entry clearance officer (ECO) has some discretion, but where an application ‘will normally’ be refused in the event that any of the requirements are not met. Unlike under the general grounds for refusal and the suitability requirements of Appendix FM, the suitability requirements in Appendix V generally apply to applications for leave to enter, entry clearance and leave to remain. Some individual suitability requirements specifically

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