Vienna Convention 1985 (protection of the ozone Layer)—snapshot
Vienna Convention 1985 (protection of the ozone Layer)—snapshot

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  • Vienna Convention 1985 (protection of the ozone Layer)—snapshot
  • Background to the Convention
  • Key provisions
  • Domestic and European implementation

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Title Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer
Parties 197 Parties
Revisions Montreal Protocol 1987
London Amendment 1990
Copenhagen Amendment 1992
Montreal Amendment 1997
Beijing Amendment 1999
Location Vienna
Adopted 1985
Came into force 22 September 1988
Subject Protection of the ozone layer

Background to the Convention

Negotiations on an international convention for the protection of the ozone layer began in 1981. The need for international action was clear as the anthropogenic causes of damage to the ozone layer were global in their affect.