UK private actions—closed cases tracker
UK private actions—closed cases tracker

The following Competition practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • UK private actions—closed cases tracker
  • Air freight
  • Cathode ray tubes and liquid crystal display
  • Motor vehicle components
  • Google
  • MasterCard—MIFs
  • Visa—MIFs
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Power cables
  • Other actions
  • More...

This table tracks and summarises all completed claims in respect of an infringement decision or an alleged infringement of UK or (for claims lodged before 1 January 2021) EU competition law publicly acknowledged before the CAT or the UK courts.

Due to the large volume of private actions pending before the UK courts, this document groups completed cases into following categories:

  1. Air freight

  2. Cathode ray tubes and liquid crystal display (LCD)

  3. Motor vehicle components

  4. Google

  5. MasterCard—MIFs

  6. Visa—MIFs

  7. Polyurethane foam

  8. Power cables

  9. Other actions

  10. Collective actions

For ongoing actions, see UK private actions—ongoing cases tracker.

Note—we have only used public sources to track High Court cases; proceedings prior to judgment may thus not be captured in the tracker.

Air freight

Emerald Supplies Ltd and ors v British Airways Plc

Stand-alone claims brought by shippers (565 claimants) of air freight seeking damages for loss allegedly suffered as a result of paying inflated cargo prices; claims based on the Commission's decision in the Air Freight cartel (COMP/39.258).

Note—the General Court annulled the Commission's decision in Cases T- 9/11 et al
Court DateDevelopment
Court of Appeal (A3/2017/3424)29/01/2019Judgment given [2019] EWCA Civ 37; appeal dismissed
16/01/2019Hearing held
High Court (HC-2008–000002)09/01/2019Settlement agreed with numerous claimants (including Kodak, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Allston Landing II and Emerald Supplies)
26/03/2018Judgment given; application for disclosure of costs data dismissed
01/12/2017Application for
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