UK phase 1 mergers—closed cases tracker
UK phase 1 mergers—closed cases tracker

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The table lists completed all completed Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) phase 1 merger investigations and completed Office of Fair Trading (OFT) merger investigations since June 2013.

For information on ongoing investigations see UK mergers—ongoing cases tracker. For details of completed phase 2 investigations, see UK phase 2 mergers—closed cases tracker. For details of appeals, see UK competition appeals—ongoing cases tracker.


Parties (Case number)Industry sectorDecision
Facebook, Inc/Giphy, Inc (completed acquisition)


• Referred to phase 2—01/04/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—30/03/2021
• Meets test for reference—25/03/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—24/02/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—11/02/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—08/02/2021
• Launch of merger inquiry—28/01/2021
• Invitation to comment—28/01/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—22/12/2020
• Derogation to the IEO—17/09/2020
• Derogation to the IEO—27/07/2020
• Derogation to the IEO—16/07/2020
• Derogation to the IEO—26/06/2020
• Invitation to comment—12/06/2020
• IEO—09/06/2020

Appeal lodged before the CAT in Facebook v CMA

Uber Technologies, Inc/GPC Software Limited (Autocab) (anticipated acquisition)


• Cleared—29/03/2021
• Notice of termination of extension—02/02/2021
• Notice of extension—01/02/2021
• Launch of merger inquiry—29/01/2021
• Invitation to comment—29/01/2021

SDE Group/Innserve Limited (anticipated acquisition)

Distribution and service industries

• Cleared—03/03/2021
CMA decision
• Launch of merger inquiry—22/12/2020
• Invitation to comment—22/12/2020

Graco BV/Hi-Tech Spray Equipment (anticipated acquisition)


• Cleared—18/02/2021
CMA decision
• Launch of merger inquiry—12/01/2021
• Invitation to comment—12/01/2021

Diageo/Chase Distillery (anticipated acquisition)

Food manufacturing

• Cleared—11/02/2021
CMA decision
• Launch of merger inquiry—07/01/2021
• Invitation to comment—07/01/2021

Tronox Holdings plc/TiZir Titanium and Iron (anticipated acquisition)

Mineral extraction, mining and quarrying

• Merger abandoned—18/01/2021
• CMA rejects undertakings—18/01/2021
• Meets the test

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