UK mergers—ongoing cases tracker

The following Competition practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • UK mergers—ongoing cases tracker
  • Phase 1 investigations
  • Test for reference to phase 2 met
  • Phase 1 merger inquiry launched
  • Pending launch of phase 1 merger inquiry
  • Phase 2 investigations
  • Other CMA reviews

UK mergers—ongoing cases tracker

The below tracks live CMA merger investigations. For information on completed investigations, see UK phase 1 mergers—closed cases tracker and UK phase 2 mergers—closed cases tracker. For information on completed UK merger enforcement actions, see UK mergers enforcement actions—closed cases tracker.

NOTE—completed investigations are moved from this document to the case trackers for closed cases within seven days of the final CMA report.

For details of appeals, see UK competition appeals—ongoing cases tracker.

Phase 1 investigations

Test for reference to phase 2 met

PartiesIndustry sectorPhase 1 developments
Sony Music Entertainment/AWAL and Kobalt Neighbouring Rights businesses (completed acquisition)

Distribution and service industries

• Referred to phase 2—15/09/2021
• Meets the test for reference—07/09/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—09/08/2021
• Statutory timetable restarted (with notice of termination of extension published)—14/07/2021
• Statutory timetable suspended (with notice of extension published)—05/07/2021
• Launch of merger inquiry—01/07/2021
• Invitation to comment—01/07/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—14/06/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—09/06/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—27/05/2021
• Derogations to the IEO—18/05/2021
• IEO served—17/05/2021

Phase 1 merger inquiry launched

PartiesIndustry sectorPhase 1 developmentsDeadline
Pennon Group plc/Bristol Water Holdings UK Limited (completed acquisition)


• Launch of merger inquiry—17/09/2021
• Invitation to comment—17/09/2021
• Derogation to the IEO—20/08/2021
• Derogations to the IEO—21/07/2021
• IEO served—15/06/2021


S&P Global Inc/IHS Markit Ltd (anticipated acquisition)

Financial services

• Launch of merger inquiry—23/08/2021
• Invitation to comment—28/06/2021


Graphic Packaging Holding Company/AR Packaging Group

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