UK competition appeals—ongoing cases tracker
UK competition appeals—ongoing cases tracker

The following Competition guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • UK competition appeals—ongoing cases tracker
  • Competition Appeal Tribunal
  • Court of Appeal
  • Supreme Court

The below tracks live appeals of CMA decisions in competition investigations to CAT and the appeal courts.

For details on completed appeals, see UK merger appeals—closed cases tracker, UK behavioural competition appeals—closed cases tracker and UK market investigations appeals—closed cases tracker.

NOTE—completed appeals are moved from this document to the case trackers for closed appeals within seven days of the final decision.

Competition Appeal Tribunal

Case (case number) Issues Latest development
GlaxoSmithKline PLC v CMA (1252/1/12/16)

Appeal against the CMA's decision in GlaxoSmithKline and others (paroxetine) (CE/9531-11). GSK seeks annulment of the decision on the grounds that the CMA made a number of legal and factual errors during its investigation

See Application

• Court of Justice issues judgment in GlaxoSmithKline and others v CMA—30/01/2020
• Order made—28/03/2018; questions referred to the Court of Justice published
• Judgment given—08/03/2018; national reference made to Court of Justice
• Hearing (day 1)—27/02/2017
• Order made—13/05/2016; directions as to the future conduct of the case
• Hearing hel