UK Civil Nuclear Regulatory Bodies
Produced in partnership with Herbert Smith Freehills
UK Civil Nuclear Regulatory Bodies

The following Environment guidance note Produced in partnership with Herbert Smith Freehills provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • UK Civil Nuclear Regulatory Bodies
  • Brexit impact
  • General Energy Regulation
  • The EA's joint role with the Office for Nuclear Regulation
  • Nuclear-Specific Regulation

Responsibilities for regulation of the UK civil nuclear industry are shared between several regulatory bodies, reflecting the distinction between the common duties owed by any generator of electricity and the additional duties arising from the unique attributes of nuclear energy generation. Nuclear-specific regulation has been significantly consolidated in recent years by the creation of the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), replacing several bodies which had previously been responsible for regulating various different aspects of the nuclear industry. In addition, there are other government bodies which, while lacking general regulatory or supervisory powers, exercise specific facilitating and decision making functions and thereby have a significant role in the UK civil nuclear industry.

Brexit impact

This content is likely to be impacted by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. For information on how leaving the EU will affect the Great Britain’s (GB) membership of Euratom and the nuclear sector as a whole, see Practice Note: Energy and Brexit-Euratom and the UK Nuclear Sector, which details the background to the Euratom Treaty and the evolving position on the UK’s exit from the Euratom Community as a corollary of Brexit. It includes discussion of Brexit and nuclear research and investment, Brexit and nuclear health and safety standards, Brexit and supply of nuclear fuel, Brexit and nuclear safeguards, Brexit and the nuclear common market,