Transport projects—materials and resources

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Transport projects—materials and resources

This Practice Note includes a brief introduction to transport projects and sets out links to useful materials in relation to transport projects available from LexisNexis® and other external sources.

Transport is a critical factor in economic and social development on a regional, national and international level. Projects in this sector typically involve major investment and complex infrastructure, and can often be long, challenging and of particularly high value. Transport projects typically have to align local and/or national infrastructure policies and funding strategies with the commercial objectives and expectations of the private sector organisations who are also involved in the projects.

Projects in the transport sector cover a broad range of transport modes and related infrastructure including:

  1. roads—road widening, toll roads, smart motorways, safety improvements, congestion relief

  2. rail (light and heavy)—station upgrades/enhancements, renewing and enhancing rail infrastructure, viaducts, lineside infrastructure

  3. airports and aviation (airside and landside)—terminal construction/enhancement, baggage handling system installation, airfield works, runway works

  4. tunnels and bridges—standalone bridge projects, projects as part of road and rail schemes

  5. ports and shipping—construction of new ports, extension to existing ports (eg to improve cargo handling services and/or the capacity of the port), works to construct/upgrade commercial container terminals, cruise/ferry terminals, military installations and recreational marinas, land transport connections, warehousing and distribution facilities

A transport project could involve, for example:

  1. new build and/or re-development/refurbishment works

  2. the privatisation or

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