Time and money claims

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Time and money claims

Claims by contractors for time and/or money are a common feature of construction projects. A claim for time refers to a claim for an extension of time (EoT) in which to complete the works (or meet a contractual milestone date) due to the occurrence of a delay event, while a money claim normally refers to a claim for reimbursement of additional loss and/or expense which has been incurred by the contractor due to a delay or disruption to the works. Such a claim might also be brought, for example, by a sub-contractor under a sub-contract.

Time and money claims are normally based on an express contractual entitlement—ie the contract states that the contractor is entitled to time and/or money in certain circumstances. They are also made and determined in accordance with the terms of the contract. They do not necessarily involve a breach of the contract or the existence of a dispute between the parties, although they may ultimately give rise to a dispute.

This Practice Note sets out key issues to consider in relation to time and money claims. Many of the issues are relevant even if the contractor only brings a claim for time or money. For further information, see also Practice Notes: Delay and disruption in construction projects, Extensions of time under construction contracts and Loss and expense.

Procedural issues

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