The status of the Tier 4 sponsor
Produced in partnership with Sarah Rimmington of UKCISA
The status of the Tier 4 sponsor

The following Immigration guidance note Produced in partnership with Sarah Rimmington of UKCISA provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • The status of the Tier 4 sponsor
  • Sponsor ratings
  • The type of education provider
  • Grounds for revocation action by the Home Office
  • Tier 4 sponsor case law
  • Consequences of sponsor licence revocation
  • Issues for Tier 4 (General) students to consider

This Practice Note provides an overview of the guidance documents relating to sponsors of students under Tier 4 of the Points-Based System (PBS) and outlines the possible statuses a Tier 4 sponsor may hold. It also discusses some key Tier 4 sponsor licence issues and case law.

All Tier 4 migrants must be sponsored by an educational institution registered by the Home Office as a Tier 4 (General) or a Tier 4 (Child) sponsor.

The Home Office has published the following Sponsor Guidance (also known as SG) and Modernised Guidance (also known as MG) documents which provide information for sponsors and caseworkers dealing with Tier 4 sponsor licence matters.

Guidance Document Summary of contents
Sponsor Guidance Tier 4 Document 1: Applying for a Tier 4 licence Glossary of terms; details of educational oversight, sites and partnerships and other licence application requirements; how to apply; Probationary Sponsor status; allocations of Confirmations of Acceptance for Studies (CAS); when an application will be refused
  Document 2: Sponsorship duties Main Tier 4 sponsorship duties which must be met to maintain