The SFO's approach to Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs)
The SFO's approach to Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs)

The following Corporate Crime guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • The SFO's approach to Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs)
  • SFO DPA Speeches 2019
  • SFO DPA Speeches 2018
  • SFO DPA Speeches 2017
  • SFO DPA Speeches 2016
  • Themes taken from the speeches
  • Serious Fraud Office to collaborate on the Economic Crime Plan—Cambridge Symposium on Economic Crime 2019 on 3 September 2019
  • Self-reporting, privilege and different jurisdictional approaches—the Royal United Services Institute in London on 3 April 2019
  • The SFO’s priorities at the end of 2018—The Lawyer’s Managing Risk and Litigation 2018 Conference, 21 November 2018
  • Considering corporate cooperation—Pinsent Masons Business Crime and Compliance conference, London, 9 November 2018
  • more

Although the power to enter into a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) has been within the Serious Fraud Office's (SFO's) armoury since 2014, practitioners had to wait until 2015 before the first DPA was approved by the courts in England and Wales. A second DPA followed in 2016 and two more have been approved since the start of 2017. With so few DPAs available for consideration, practitioners can nevertheless start to develop an understanding of the types of cases which the SFO consider suitable for a DPA and the methods which corporates under investigation can adopt to increase their chances of securing the SFO's agreement to enter a DPA.

This Practice Note focuses on the speeches given by the SFO from which insight on the SFO's approach to DPAs can be obtained. When read in conjunction with Practice Note: DPAs in practice, practitioners can obtain a keen understanding of the practical points which need to be considered when advising and representing clients facing a bribery or corruption investigation by the SFO.

SFO DPA Speeches 2019

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Sara Lawson QC, General Counsel of the Serious Fraud Office, speaking at the Cambridge Symposium on Economic Crime 2019 on 2 September 2019