The Notice of Adjudication

The following Construction practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • The Notice of Adjudication
  • What is the Notice of Adjudication?
  • Why must the Notice of Adjudication be given?
  • Considerations prior to drafting a Notice of Adjudication
  • Legal considerations
  • Practical considerations
  • When can the Notice of Adjudication be given?
  • Does the Notice of Adjudication need to be in a particular form?
  • What should the Notice of Adjudication contain?
  • Specific provisions as to contents of the Notice of Adjudication
  • More...

The Notice of Adjudication

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A Notice of Adjudication is the first step in commencing an adjudication. This Practice Note sets out what to consider before serving the Notice of Adjudication, why it must be given and what it should contain. It also provides guidance on the timing of the Notice, how it should be given and whether it can be revised. For a Precedent Notice of Adjudication, see: Notice of Adjudication.

What is the Notice of Adjudication?

Both the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (HGCRA 1996) and the Scheme for Construction Contracts provide for the service of a written notice of a party’s intention to refer a dispute to adjudication. The Scheme for Construction Contracts (Part I, para 1) refers to this as the ‘notice of adjudication’. The same terminology is used in this Practice Note, although the notice may also be referred to in case law or by other parties as the ‘notice of intention to seek adjudication’, ‘notice of intention to refer to adjudication’ or the ‘adjudication notice’.

It should be distinguished from the ‘Referral Notice’, which is served after the Notice of Adjudication and contains the referring party’s full claim (see Practice Note: Adjudication—the Referral Notice).

The Notice of Adjudication:

  1. alerts all other parties to the contract that a dispute has crystallised and is to be referred to

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