The learning and development—L&D—team
Produced in partnership with Beth Pipe
The learning and development—L&D—team

The following Practice Management practice note Produced in partnership with Beth Pipe provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • The learning and development—L&D—team
  • The L&D department
  • L&D roles
  • Role responsibilities
  • Line manager responsibilities for L&D

This Practice Note provides information about the learning and development (L&D) team. It covers the L&D department, L&D roles and line manager responsibilities for L&D.

The L&D department

The activities required of the L&D department are the same irrespective of the size of firm; but what differs is the volume of work and who is responsible for the various functions.

A larger firm is likely to have a dedicated L&D department whose sole function is to design, deliver and evaluate learning within the firm. The L&D department will usually report directly to the head of HR, but may also have a reporting line to the senior training partner.

Within a medium-sized firm it is likely that the HR manager will have a remit that covers L&D in addition to their HR responsibilities.

Mid to small-sized firms are less likely to have a dedicated L&D department.

In small firms, it is possible that no dedicated in-house L&D or HR support exists. Instead, a senior partner is nominated as the training partner and they will be responsible for ensuring the L&D requirements of the firm are met.

Increasingly, small to medium-sized firms are outsourcing their requirements for L&D and HR. Usually, this means they retain a dedicated consultant on a freelance basis and pay only when specific work is required. This tends to be a cheaper option but the drawbacks can be a

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