The Financial List—starting and transferring claims

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  • The Financial List—starting and transferring claims
  • What is the Financial List?
  • Eligible cases
  • Transferring claims in and out of the Financial List
  • Specialist judges
  • Who are the nominated judges in the Financial List?
  • Procedure in the Financial List
  • Guide to the Financial List
  • Forms
  • Claim forms (other than for arbitration):
  • More...

The Financial List—starting and transferring claims

What is the Financial List?

The Financial List is a specialist list in the High Court which came into force on 1 October 2015 to deal with complex financial markets cases which are of high value or raise market issues, or both. The aim of the list is to provide a faster, more efficient and economical forum for financial dispute resolution. The proposal to include the list was the subject of a consultation which closed in May 2015. With effect from 1 October 2015, parties are able to commence proceedings in the Financial List in either the Commercial Court or Chancery Division. Wherever the proceedings are lodged, the case will be dealt with by a docketed judge who will manage the case from inception, through to trial and enforcement, if necessary.

The procedure to be followed for Financial List claims, which is largely based on the existing Commercial Court procedure, is contained in CPR 63A, CPR PD 63AA and the Guide to the Financial List.

For more information on the background to the Financial List initiative, see:

Note: as the Commercial Court and the Chancery Division are part of the Business and Property Courts, when dealing with a Financial List claim, the additional guidance concerning claims in the Business and Property Courts also needs to be considered. For more information, see Practice Note:

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