The European Franchise Federation (EFF)
Produced in partnership with Tim Rickard of Fieldfisher LLP
The European Franchise Federation (EFF)

The following Commercial guidance note Produced in partnership with Tim Rickard of Fieldfisher LLP provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • The European Franchise Federation (EFF)
  • Role and remit
  • Legislative and regulatory framework
  • Membership criteria of the EFF
  • The European Code of Ethics
  • Complaints and appeal process
  • What sanctions can the EFF impose?
  • Cost of membership
  • Relationship with the British Franchise Association

Role and remit

The European Franchise Federation (EFF) is a non-profit international association based in Belgium.

Set up in 1972 by the French Franchise Federation, the Italian Franchise Association, the Belgian Franchise Federation, and the Netherlands Franchise Association to promote, defend, and speak for the franchise industry operating in Europe. The EFF consists of single accredited national franchise associations from countries that meet the EFF's Statutes as stated in Article 7, Conditions of Admissions. Membership is limited to one association per country. The EFF currently has 20 members.

The aims of the EFF are to support the development of ethical franchising within Europe and to protect the franchise industry by promoting an evolving European Code of Ethics (Code) for franchising. The EFF also supports the principle of having a single, credible, representative franchise association in each European country, that will promote ethical franchising by requiring its members to have membership rules, processes and procedures in place that ensure a franchised network compliance with certain standards before it is admitted as a member of a national association.

On the world stage, the EFF is a lobbying body providing a single authoritative voice for franchising within Europe. The EFF is also a fellowship body intended to exchange best practices and provide benchmarking for the community of associations and franchise members.

The EFF is one of