Team development and delegation
Produced in partnership with Beth Pipe FCIPD of OnLive Learning
Team development and delegation

The following In-house Advisor practice note produced in partnership with Beth Pipe FCIPD of OnLive Learning provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Team development and delegation
  • Considering the task and the person
  • Using a skills matrix
  • The stages of delegation
  • Building skills by gradual delegation
  • Troubleshooting common delegation scenarios
  • Keeping tabs on delegated tasks

Team development and delegation

Delegation is an essential part of managing and developing your team—many of the skills they need to learn cannot be acquired solely by theoretical learning, they need to be able to adapt and apply that knowledge in the 'real world' with your expert guidance, and that is where delegation comes in.

This practice note will cover:

  1. considering the task and the person

  2. using a skills matrix

  3. the stages of delegation

  4. building skills by gradual delegation

  5. troubleshooting common delegation scenarios

  6. tracking delegated tasks

Considering the task and the person

For smaller, day-to-day, delegated tasks you probably will not need to go through all of the stages covered in this practice note but, when you are delegating to develop teams, or struggling with a particular issue, it is reassuring to check you have covered all the bases.

The first thing to consider when delegating is the complexity of the task and the capabilities of the individual—are the two well matched?

Things to consider around the taskThings to consider around the individual
What are the priorities within the task?

Within what time frame must the task be completed?

What resources could be called on?

What additional information will be required?

What potential problems might arise?

Who should deal with them?

What decisions need to be referred back?

What contingency planning is necessary?
What are your reasons for delegating this task?

Do they

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