Tax—new starter guide

The following Tax practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Tax—new starter guide
  • The role of Tax lawyers
  • Key topics in Tax
  • Share sales
  • Tax covenant and tax warranties
  • Consideration
  • Reliefs for the seller
  • Insured deals
  • Asset sales
  • Loans
  • More...

Tax—new starter guide

This new starter guide provides an introduction to Tax. It is aimed at trainee solicitors and those who are new to the area. It focuses on the key issues that arise in Tax and includes links to LexisNexis® sources and materials which provide more information on the topics covered.

Those who are new to Tax are also likely to find the Overviews in each of the subtopics in the LexisNexis® Tax practice area useful. These Overviews give an introduction to each of the subtopics in Tax with links to relevant content within the subtopic. For example, see: Share sales and tax—overview and Asset sales and tax—overview.

This guide also contains links to help new starters make the most of the Tax materials, including how to sign up for email alerts and contact the LexisAsk team.

The role of Tax lawyers

Tax lawyers are responsible for advising their clients on all areas of tax law. They monitor legislative and case law developments and advise their clients on how these changes will affect them. They advise on the tax implications of transactions, such as takeovers and reorganisations, and on how to structure businesses in a tax-efficient manner. Tax lawyers negotiate tax-related documents and the tax aspects of documents that are not primarily concerned with tax, such as the tax-related clauses of a share purchase agreement. Tax lawyers may

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