Taking control of goods—applications (other than for fees)
Taking control of goods—applications (other than for fees)

The following Dispute Resolution guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Taking control of goods—applications (other than for fees)
  • Which applications are made under CPR 84?
  • Where and how to make applications under CPR 84
  • Do seven clear days' notice prior to taking control of goods always have to be given?
  • Can the 12 month enforcement period to be extended?
  • Can the enforcement agent take control of goods during prohibited hours?
  • When can the enforcement agent enter and be on premises?
  • Can an enforcement agent re-enter premises?
  • Entering premises under a warrant
  • Does the enforcement agent have to sell the goods by public auction?
  • more

Stop press: This Practice Note is under review in light of the introduction of 12 Warrant of Control Support Centres. For further information, see: LNB News 20/06/2019 51. Support centres opened to speed up resolution of warrants of control.

CPR 84 and CPR PD 84 came into force in April 2014 and are concerned with the enforcement of judgment debts and orders by use of the Taking Control of Goods (TCG) procedure. For guidance on use of this procedure, see Practice Notes: Taking control of goods—the process and Taking control of goods—process once goods are seized and on the issue of writs and warrants in respect of such procedure (and more generally) see Practice Note: Writs and warrants of control—permission to issue and duration.

CPR 84 makes provision for the different types of application that you or your enforcement officer may need to make in respect of a writ or warrant of control, in particular as regards entry to premises and the disposal of goods.

Note: this Practice Note does not cover applications made by:

  1. applications made with regard to fees payable in respect of writs and warrants of control, see instead Practice Note: Taking control of goods—court applications regarding fees

  2. applications under CPR 85 for:

    1. third parties—who claim that goods taken into an enforcement agent's control do not belong to the debtor