Takeovers—Market Tracker deal type
Takeovers—Market Tracker deal type

The following Corporate guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Takeovers—Market Tracker deal type
  • Scope of takeover deals covered
  • Deal documents available
  • Deal points recorded
  • Recent deals
  • Trend reports and other analysis
  • Takeovers—know-how and precedents

For deal summaries and related deal documentation of actual takeover transactions, see our Market Tracker deal analysis tool.

The deal analysis tool covers a range of deal types, providing a detailed analysis of deal documents. In relation to specific deal types, transactions are only covered if the minimum consideration of the transaction meets certain thresholds. Deal analysis also covers certain deals considered to be noteworthy, even if such deals do not meet the relevant minimum consideration threshold. Deals are considered to be noteworthy if they contain unusual features, or are structured in a new and interesting way.

Scope of takeover deals covered

The scope of deals covered since February 2007 relates to company admitted to trading