Takeover Code—index of resource notes
Takeover Code—index of resource notes

The following Corporate practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Takeover Code—index of resource notes
  • Resource Notes
  • The Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (Panel)

Takeover Code—index of resource notes

Resource Notes

This is an index of Resource Notes on each of the Rules to the Takeover Code and other key definitions and sections, designed to assist with their interpretation and to give practical guidance on their application.

Each Resource Note collects together relevant information, commentary, analysis and know-how on the Takeover Code provision in question, provides summaries of, and links to, relevant third party materials, commentary, guidance and analysis, and highlights other useful resources.

The following Resource Notes are available:

  1. Takeover Code—Dealings

  2. Takeover Code—Interests in securities

  3. Takeover Code—Irrevocable commitments

  4. Takeover Code—Introduction

  5. Takeover Code—Rule 1—The approach

  6. Takeover Code—Rule 2—Secrecy before announcements; the timing and contents of announcements

  7. Takeover Code—Rule 3—Independent advice

  8. Takeover Code—Rule 4—Restrictions on dealings

  9. Takeover Code—Rule 5—Timing restrictions on acquisitions

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