Sustainable finance—recent news

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Sustainable finance—recent news

This Practice Note links to news on sustainable finance, including green loans and green bonds, that has been published since 2019. Due to the global nature of the topic of sustainability, we will continue to track international and EU developments. For news published from 2016–2018, see Practice Note: Sustainable Finance—2016–2018 news [Archived].

2021 News

DateNews story
14 September 2021UNEP FI publishes global investor statement to governments on the climate crisis—LNB News 14/09/2021 12
13 September 2021EFAMA supports IOSCO’s call to increase transparency of ESG methodologies—LNB News 14/09/2021 24
13 September 2021ICMA publishes response to FCA CP21/18—LNB News 13/09/2021 37
13 September 2021AFME publishes response to FCA CP21/18—LNB News 13/09/2021 48
13 September 2021Treasury sets out green gilt issuance plans—LNB News 13/09/2021 65
13 September 2021PLSA welcomes FCA consultation on enhancing climate-related disclosures—LNB News 13/09/2021 47
13 September 2021ICMA AMIC publishes response to FCA CP21/17—LNB News 13/09/2021 56
9 September 2021ISDA publishes video of press briefing on ESG and derivatives—LNB News 10/09/2021 38
8 September 2021IRSG responds to IOSCO’s consultation on ESG ratings and data providers—LNB News 08/09/2021 61
8 September 2021ISDA publishes comments on developing market standards for ESG—LNB News 08/09/2021 47
8 September 2021European Commission aims to issue €250bn in green bonds under new framework—LNB News 08/09/2021 28
7 September 2021ISDA publishes papers on ESG KPIs and the accounting treatment for ESG transactions—LNB News 07/09/2021 41
7 September

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