Summary assessment—Jackson Reforms [Archived]

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Summary assessment—Jackson Reforms [Archived]

ARCHIVED: This Practice Note has been archived and is for historical purposes only.

CPR provisions

The provisions for summary assessment of costs are set out in CPR 44. The provisions changed on 1 April 2013. The changes which took place then were:

  1. meaning—previously in rule 43.3 now found in CPR 44.1. It means the procedure whereby costs are assessed by the judge who has heard the case or application

  2. general provisions—previously in CPR PD 44, para 13.1 to 13.13 and CPR PD 44, para 14. Now found in CPR PD 44, para 9.1 to CPR PD 44, para 9.10. Note: changes are

    1. deletion of summary assessment in relation to Court of Appeal hearings

    2. deletion of provisions dealing with ‘Additional Liabilities’—a term which arises in litigation funding and which relates to issues which have been abolished including deletion of the whole of para 14 in the practice direction

    3. the previous provision dealing with the costs where the parties have entered into a consent order, but without an agreement for costs provided that no costs be allowed for attendance before the court to determine the costs. This provision has been deleted. There is now no express provision that the parties be entitled to recover costs if attending a hearing to determine costs

  3. how the assessment is made—the provisions are now found at

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