Successors in title—leases
Successors in title—leases

The following Property Disputes practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Successors in title—leases

The meaning of the term ‘successors in title’ will depend upon the context of the use of the term and also the drafting of the relevant lease.

A standard lease will commonly contain the wording: ‘the expression “the Tenant” includes the successors in title of the Tenant’—see Precedent: Lease of whole building.

The Chancery Division case of Snape v Snape concerned an option to purchase neighbouring land that was expressed to benefit ‘successors in title’. The sub-tenant under a 99-year lease argued that they were a ‘successor in title’ and accordingly were entitled to enforce the option to purchase. However, it was held that the meaning of the phrase in that case was in reference to a successor of the freehold owners

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