Submission of a claim to the employment tribunal
Submission of a claim to the employment tribunal

The following Employment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Submission of a claim to the employment tribunal
  • The form of a claim
  • Multiple claimants
  • Jurisdiction to present a claim in (1) England and Wales or (2) Scotland
  • Drafting the substance of the claim
  • Presenting the claim
  • Submitting a claim online
  • Submitting a claim by post
  • Hand delivery of a claim
  • Special rules for claims submitted between 26–31 July 2017
  • More...

IP COMPLETION DAY: 11pm (GMT) on 31 December 2020 marks the end of the Brexit transition/implementation period entered into following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. At this point in time (referred to in UK law as ‘IP completion day’), key transitional arrangements come to an end and significant changes begin to take effect across the UK’s legal regime. This document contains guidance on subjects impacted by these changes. Before continuing your research, see Practice Note: Brexit and IP completion day—implications for employment lawyers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): All proceedings in employment tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and until further notice are operating in accordance with the Presidential guidance and directions now issued, which profoundly affect normal practice. See Practice Note: Operation of employment tribunals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic for full information.

The form of a claim

Claimants presenting claims to employment tribunals must make sure that their claims are set out on the proper form ET1, with all of the required information set out in writing. A special form has been prescribed by the Secretary of State. It is found in a version that may be filled out and submitted online on the Employment Tribunals website, at

The ET1 claim form that should be used when submitting a claim by post (or in some cases by

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