Striking off, dissolution and restoration—glossary of terms
Striking off, dissolution and restoration—glossary of terms

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  • Striking off, dissolution and restoration—glossary of terms
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Administrative restorationThe administrative restoration procedure was introduced by the Companies Act 2006 (CA 2006) as a simpler way to restore a company to the register that has been struck off pursuant to the powers of the Registrar of Companies, without the need to go to court. The procedure can only be used when certain conditions are met. It came into force on 1 October 2009. For further information see Practice Note: Company restoration—administrative restoration. Compare with restoration by court order.


Bona vacantiaThis phrase translates from Latin as 'ownerless goods'.
If a company is dissolved while it still owns or has an interest in property, that property will be deemed to be bona vacantia (meaning that it is 'vacant’ and without a legal owner) and will pass to the Crown. When this occurs the company will need to be restored to the register to transfer the property and will be liable for the Crown representative's costs for dealing with the property during the period of dissolution.
In general the Bona Vacantia Division is a function of the Government Legal Department (previously known as the Treasury Solicitor's Department) allowing the Treasury Solicitor to act for the Crown in administering the estates of people who die intestate, collecting the assets of dissolved companies and dealing with other various ownerless goods

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