Steps to take after a client meeting
Steps to take after a client meeting

The following Family practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Steps to take after a client meeting
  • File note
  • Client care letter and terms of business
  • Advice
  • Documents obtained by self-help
  • Non-court dispute resolution
  • Protective action in relation to property
  • Third party introductions

Steps to take after a client meeting

File note

A file note (also known as an attendance note) should be prepared immediately after the first interview, and after every client meeting/conversation thereafter, and placed on the file in the correct date order. This will be a contemporaneous record of the meeting/conversation. It can be referred to in the event of a future dispute or by fee earners who are unfamiliar with the file. The file note prepared after the first interview should contain all of the important background information and the client's instructions.

A file note should ideally be typed and should confirm the date, time, attendees and the length of the meeting. It should include subheadings to allow easy access to information by other fee-earners who may not be familiar with the file.

A supplemental file note may be as effective as a full file note in situations where:

  1. a Form E (in financial remedy cases) is used in a meeting—see Practice Notes: Preparation of Form E and The duty of disclosure in financial proceedings, or

  2. an instruction sheet is used in a meeting—see: Client instruction sheet BFLS 1E [21002]

The file note should conclude by setting out:

  1. a summary of the advice given to the client

  2. a list of the agreed steps that need to be taken, setting out who is to take those steps and

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