Standard listings in 2019

The following Corporate practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Standard listings in 2019
  • Background and approach
  • Introduction to standard listings
  • Standard listings in 2019
  • Sectors
  • Special purpose acquisition vehicles
  • Dual listings
  • Reasons for a standard listing
  • Voluntary compliance with additional listing rules

Standard listings in 2019

Lexis®PSL Corporate and Market Tracker have conducted research to examine current market trends in respect of equity capital markets (ECM) transactions in 2019.

Background and approach

This review looks at the 22 companies which listed on the standard segment of the Official List 2019 (by way of IPO, introduction or transfer from AIM) and forms part of our annual trend report which aims to provide insight into the current dynamics of ECM activity in the UK. The other parts of our 2019 trend report comprise:

  1. IPOs in 2019—Main Market and AIM

  2. Secondary Offers in 2019—Main Market and AIM

  3. Risk factor disclosure in 2019 IPOs

  4. Legal and regulatory developments in Equity Capital Markets 2019

Introduction to standard listings

Prior to the harmonisation of certain key elements of capital markets regulation across the EU, the UK listing regime was divided into a system of primary and secondary listing. A primary listing was the main listing category available to both UK and overseas issuers able to comply with the high standards of primary market regulation in the UK. The secondary listing category was reserved for overseas companies with a primary listing in their home jurisdiction and such companies were subject to a lower level of regulation under the UK Listing Rules.

The primary and secondary listing categories morphed into what we now know as the premium and standard listing

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