SRA Handbook 2011 [Archived]

The following Practice Compliance practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • SRA Handbook 2011 [Archived]
  • Accessing the SRA Handbook
  • Contents
  • Regulatory style
  • Who does the Handbook apply to?
  • SRA Principles
  • Code of Conduct
  • Structure
  • Comparison to 2007 Code of Conduct
  • Responsibility for SRA Handbook compliance
  • More...

SRA Handbook 2011 [Archived]

The SRA Handbook 2011 sets out standards and requirements that individual lawyers and firms are expected to achieve and observe:

  1. for the benefit of clients, and

  2. in the general public interest

This Practice Note explains how the SRA Handbook is structured, who is responsible for compliance and the potential consequences of breach. It reflects the requirements of the SRA Handbook 2011 and has not been updated for the SRA Standards and Regulations in force from 25 November 2019. For information on the SRA Standards and Regulations 2019, see Practice Note: SRA Standards and Regulations.

Accessing the SRA Handbook

The SRA Handbook is available on the SRA website.


The SRA Handbook is divided into nine main sections:

SRA PrinciplesTen fundamental ethical and professional standards that apply to all aspects of legal practice
Code of ConductSee below
AccountsSRA Accounts Rules 2011
Authorisation and practising Rules and regulations regarding:
admission to the roll of solicitors
—authorisation of individual owners or managers
—authorisation of solicitor practices and ABSs
—training and higher rights of audience
Client protectionRules regarding:
—professional indemnity
—compensation fund
—SRA intervention
Discipline and costs recoveryRules regarding:
—disciplinary procedures
—the costs of investigation
Overseas RulesSRA Overseas Rules 2013
Specialist servicesRules regarding:
—property selling
—financial services
—cross-border work
GlossarySRA Handbook Glossary 2012

Regulatory style

With the exception of the SRA Principles and Code of Conduct, the majority of the SRA Handbook is presented by way of rules or regulations. Despite this, it

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