SRA approval of managers 2011 [Archived]

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  • SRA approval of managers 2011 [Archived]
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  • Disqualified managers
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  • Formal applications
  • Approval criteria
  • Granting, renewing and withdrawing approval
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SRA approval of managers 2011 [Archived]

A firm's managers must be approved by the SRA. Solicitors and firms who are themselves authorised by the SRA benefit from deemed approval. All other managers must follow a formal approval process.

Definition of a manager

A manager is:

  1. a member of an LLP

  2. a director of a company

  3. a partner in a partnership, or

  4. in relation to any other body, a member of its governing body

Anyone falling within this definition must be approved by the SRA.

Parent companies

A firm could be owned or managed by a parent company. If so, the SRA will be concerned with who manages the parent company. Consequently, any manager of a company that manages or owns the firm must also be approved by the SRA.

High-risk individuals

The SRA's written permission is required for certain high-risk individuals to become managers. This applies to solicitor practices and ABSs.

High-risk individuals are persons who:

  1. have been struck off the roll of solicitors

  2. are suspended from practising as a solicitor

  3. have had their practising certificate suspended pending undischarged bankruptcy, or

  4. are subject to:

    1. a direction relating to prohibition on restoration to the roll under SA 1974, s 47(2), or

    2. an order relating to control of solicitors' employees and consultants under SA 1974, s 43

Disqualified managers

There is an absolute bar on anyone the SRA has disqualified from being a manager becoming a

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