SMR platforms [Archived]
SMR platforms [Archived]

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SMR platforms [Archived]


ARCHIVED–this archived case hub reflects the position at the date of the decision of 9 September 2014; it is no longer maintained.

Case facts

OutlineOFT Chapter II and Article 102 TFEU investigation into Epyx Limited (Epyx) in relation to its conduct in the market for the supply of service, maintenance and repair platforms (SMR platforms) in the UK. Epyx supplies the link Service Network SMR platform in the UK.

Latest developmentsOn 9 September 2014, the CMA announced that it had accepted commitments from Epyx.

The commitments remove, and in some other respects modify, potentially restrictive terms in Epyx’s contracts for the use of 1link Service Network, offering clear opportunities for competitors to enter the market, in particular by making it easier for Epyx’s current customers to switch to rivals if they choose to. The commitments will last for five years.

On 4 June 2014, the

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