Setting up a panel of preferred legal services suppliers

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Setting up a panel of preferred legal services suppliers
  • Step 1: Assemble a procurement project team
  • Step 2: Kick-off meeting
  • Step 3: Drafting a procurement project plan
  • Step 4: Obtain sign-off of procurement project plan
  • Step 5: Preparing the procurement documentation
  • Step 6: Creating a long list of suppliers
  • Step 7: Obtain signed confidentiality agreements
  • Step 8: Distribution of the invitation to tender or request for proposal
  • Step 9: Q&As
  • More...

Setting up a panel of preferred legal services suppliers

This Practice Note provides guidance on the key steps to be followed by an in-house legal team when creating a panel of external preferred legal services suppliers. It assumes that a considered decision has been made to outsource some or all legal work in an organisation. It also assumes that the organisation is a private sector organisation incorporated in England and Wales and in particular is not subject to public sector procurement rules.

This Practice Note suggests a logical process to guide you through the legal outsourcing process. It is supported by various precedents and tools.

Step 1: Assemble a procurement project team

The first step is to put together a legal services procurement team to lead and manage the project. This team should ideally be small (maximum six people) to avoid it becoming unwieldy. The engagement and support of business stakeholders for the project is critical to its success. It is worth identifying your key stakeholders within the organisation who use legal services provided by external suppliers, and discussing with them what their requirements for legal services are likely to be in the future.

The way in which a procurement process is organised should reflect the interests of at least three kinds of stakeholders, who are usually represented on the procurement team for the project:

  1. business sponsor—the person who

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