Servier and others (Perindopril) (COMP/39.612) [Archived]
Servier and others (Perindopril) (COMP/39.612) [Archived]

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CASE HUB (appeals lodged at the General Court in Cases T- 680/14 (Lupin), T-682/14 (Mylan), T-679/14 (Teva), T-6824/14 (Krka), T-701/14 (Niche Generics) and T-701/14 (Unichem))

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Case facts

Outline European Commission Articles 101 and 102 TFEU investigation into Servier and others (Perindopril) (case number COMP/39.612). The Commission issued fines totalling €427.7m on 09/07/2014.

Parties Servier and five generic medicine producers—Niche/Unichem (namely Unichem Laboratories Limited and Niche Generics Limited), Matrix (today Mylan Laboratories Limited and now owned by Mylan Inc.), three Teva companies (Teva UK Limited, Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe B.V. and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd), Krka (Krka, tovarna zdravil, d.d., Novo mesto) and Lupin Limited.

Market(s) Pharmaceuticals—cardio-vascular medicine namely Perindopril; a blockbuster blood pressure control medicine.

Issues Agreement to delay entry of a cheaper generic perindopril medicine.

Perindopril used to be Servier's best-selling product and Servier held significant market power in the market for perindopril and no other hypertensive medicines, other than generic versions of