Security clearance of staff
Security clearance of staff

The following Public Law practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Security clearance of staff
  • Personnel security controls
  • Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)
  • Security clearance
  • Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC)
  • Security Check (SC)
  • Developed Vetting (DV)
  • Vetting by third parties
  • Appeals
  • Internal appeals
  • More...

This Practice Note explores the various levels of security clearance required for government staff and personnel with access to government assets including civil servants, armed forces and government contractors. The levels considered include the government baseline personnel security standard, counter terrorist check, security check and developed vetting. It considers when the various levels of check are required, who can carry out the checks and the appeals process.

Personnel security controls

Personnel security controls help to prevent and counter threats to national security. All individuals with access to government assets, including civil servants, members of the armed forces, and private sector employees working on government contracts are required to be subject to pre-employment personnel checks. There are a number of levels of personnel security checks:

  1. Government Baseline Personnel Security Standard

  2. Counter-Terrorist Check

  3. Security Check

  4. Developed Vetting

The BPSS comprises a series of pre-employment controls, whereas the other checks listed above are forms of security clearance obtained through the National Security Vetting (NSV) process. All applicants must undergo the BPSS checks as a minimum, even if they wish to apply for a higher level security check. To minimise risk, the BPSS checks should be completed before the NSV process starts (if applicable) and before the candidate starts their role, unless there are exceptional circumstances. In any case, the BPSS checks must be completed as soon as possible and

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