SDLT—general reliefs and exemptions

The following Tax practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • SDLT—general reliefs and exemptions
  • Sale and leaseback relief
  • Overlap relief
  • Alternative finance reliefs
  • Islamic mortgages
  • Sukuk—alternative finance investment bonds
  • Charities relief
  • Qualifying conditions
  • When is charities relief withdrawn?
  • Joint purchasers
  • More...

SDLT—general reliefs and exemptions

Once is has been determined that there is a notifiable transaction for SDLT purposes, it should be considered whether any reliefs or exemptions are available to reduce or extinguish any liability to pay SDLT. This Practice Note summarises the following general reliefs and exemptions:

  1. sale and leaseback relief

  2. overlap relief

  3. alternative finance reliefs

  4. charities relief

  5. relief on incorporation of limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

  6. property authorised investment funds (PAIF) and co-ownership authorised contractual schemes (CoACS) seeding relief, and

  7. other general reliefs

Other SDLT reliefs include:

  1. group relief, see Practice Note: SDLT group relief

  2. multiple dwellings relief, see Practice Note: SDLT—multiple dwellings relief

  3. reconstruction and acquisition relief, see Practice Note: SDLT reconstruction and acquisition relief, and

  4. relief on subsales, assignments of rights and novations, see Practice Note: SDLT—pre-completion transactions

For details of how to determine whether a transaction involving UK property is subject to SDLT, see Practice Notes: Land transactions, chargeable interests and chargeable transactions and SDLT—notifiable transactions.

SDLT ceased to apply to any land transaction involving any interests in or over land in Scotland from 1 April 2015. From that date, land and buildings transaction tax (LBTT) applies to such transactions, subject to transitional provisions. Consequently, references in this Practice Note to 'UK land' or similar expressions in the context of the application of SDLT should be read to exclude any interests in or

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