Schedules of services

The following Construction practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Schedules of services
  • Role of the schedule of services
  • What is included in a schedule of services
  • Additional services
  • Drafting a schedule of services
  • Consultant body standard forms
  • Design and build projects

Schedules of services

This Practice Note examines the purpose and content of the schedule of services that will usually be appended to a consultant’s appointment entered into in relation to a construction project. It looks at the drafting of the schedule of services and at those contained in industry standard form appointments.

The main purpose of a consultant's appointment is to document what the consultant has been engaged to do, how they are to do it and what they are to be paid for doing it. While the terms set out in the body of the appointment agreement are important, as they set out the parties' rights and obligations, also very important is the description of the services or activities that the consultant is to carry out during its appointment.

Role of the schedule of services

At the beginning of a project, the employer needs to determine what each member of the project team will do from inception of the project to handover of the completed works (and, if relevant, during the maintenance/operational period) and this information then needs to be translated into the consultants’ appointments. The services to be performed by a consultant are usually contained in one of the schedules that is appended to the back of the appointment document that it enters into with the employer. Within the terms in the main body of the

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