Schedule of prime broker services
Schedule of prime broker services

The following Financial Services guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Schedule of prime broker services
  • Sales, transition services and onboarding
  • Client services
  • Financing solutions
  • Risk management including collateral management
  • Trade execution
  • Trade processing, clearance and settlement
  • Derivatives clearing and intermediation
  • Prime finance middle office
  • Futures prime brokerage and foreign exchange prime brokerage
  • more

Sales, transition services and onboarding

A prime broker will have its own internal sales and account management team who are employed to help identify and bring new clients onto the prime finance platform. The transition services department assists with setting up the new accounts, will maintain any existing accounts, and remove terminated accounts. Transition services can often act as the intermediary between sales and account management and client services.

Client services

Client services is the primary interface between the client and the prime finance platform. It is responsible for maintaining client accounts after transition services has finalised the client setup procedure.

Client service representatives will often also responsible for the client reporting and billing functions. As part of the client services offering, clients can access their prime brokers through an on-line client portal, which will allow them to perform such tasks as report and reconcile trades, initiate wire transfers, provide instructions to exercise options and access a variety of reports.

Financing solutions

Prime brokers are well placed to offer their clients finance and can offer a range of bespoke financial products to assist their clients on varying terms tailored to suit the client. Financing options can include:

  1. securities lending

  2. synthetic financing (TRS, CFD)

  3. arranged financing

  4. repo financing

  5. loan financing

  6. arranged financing

  7. repo, and

  8. synthetic access via swaps