Risk assessment for bribery—checklist
Risk assessment for bribery—checklist

The following Corporate Crime practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Is risk assessment overseen at the highest level in the company?
  • Have sufficient resources been dedicated to risk assessment and mitigation?
  • Does the company have appropriate risk assessment policies and processes in place?
  • Does the company report publicly on its risk assessment process and does it report on risks which have been identified?
  • Is the company up-to-date with best practice?

Is risk assessment overseen at the highest level in the company?

In order to show top level commitment to anti-bribery measures, a company officer or Board member should be appointed to oversee the anti-bribery and risk assessment process. See Practice Note: Anti-bribery and corruption policy. Consider:

  1. Does the company's senior management or Board have overall responsibility for the risk assessment process?

  2. Have anti-bribery and corruption responsibilities been delegated and if so to whom and on what basis?

  3. How is this documented?

  4. Has the company assigned risk assessment for bribery to employees (for example a compliance officer) who reports directly to the Board?

  5. How has the company ensured that the risk assessment is fit for purpose and would stand up to scrutiny?

  6. Has the company’s senior management or Board endorsed risk prevention polic

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