Retail food packaging trays (AT.39563) [Archived]
Retail food packaging trays (AT.39563) [Archived]

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NOTE—appeals lodged before the General Court in cases T- 522/15, T- 523/15, T- 530/15 and T- 582/15

ARCHIVED–this archived case hub reflects the position at the date of the decision of 24 June 2015; it is no longer maintained.

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Case facts

Outline European Commission Article 101 TFEU investigation into a cartel in the markets for retail food packaging trays (AT.39563). The Commission issued its decision and imposed fines totalling €115.865m on 24/06/2015.

Appeals lodged at the General Court.

Parties Eight manufacturers of retail food packaging trays:
• Huhtamäki (based in Finland)
• Nespack (based in France)
• Vitembal (based in France)
• Silver Plastics (based in Germany)
• Coopbox (based in Italy)
• Magic Pack (based in Italy)
• Sirap-Gema (based in Italy
• Linpac (based in the UK)

Two distributors of retail food packaging trays:
• Ovarpack (based in Portugal)
• Propack (based in the UK)

Market(s) Retail food packaging trays.

Rigid retail food packaging trays are made of either polystyrene foam or polypropylene. They are used for packaging food sold in shops or supermarkets, eg cheese, meat, fish or cake. Although they cost