Reporting changes to the Home Office
Produced in partnership with Lesley Kemp
Reporting changes to the Home Office

The following Immigration guidance note Produced in partnership with Lesley Kemp provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Reporting changes to the Home Office
  • What changes in circumstances must be reported?
  • How must changes in circumstances be reported?
  • Consequences of reporting and failing to report changes

All persons with leave to enter or remain in the UK are expected to report changes in their circumstances to the Home Office.

Holders of biometric immigration documents (BIDs) such as short-term biometric entry clearances, biometric residence permit (BRPs) or short stay permits (SSPs) also have specific reporting duties as part of the maintenance requirements of the Immigration (Biometric Registration) Regulations 2008, SI 2008/3048 (Biometric Regs 2008).

The procedure for reporting a change depends on whether the person holds a BID or another type of proof of immigration status such as an immigration status document, ink stamp or sticker (vignette) in a passport or travel document.

This Practice Note focuses on the reporting requirements and processes for persons who are in the UK when a change needs to be reported. Persons who are overseas and need to report a change in the reason for travelling to the UK, their address or personal details will need to contact the visa application centre where they submitted their application, and may need to reapply if the basis on which their original application was granted no longer applies.

Migrants who are subject to a requirement to register with the police have further reporting obligations. These reports must be made to the police and are discussed in the Practice Note: Police registration.

It is not just migrants themselves who must report

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