Repair and maintenance contracts
Repair and maintenance contracts

The following Construction practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Repair and maintenance contracts
  • Procurement considerations
  • Insurance considerations
  • Repair and maintenance contracts for specific/pre-defined works
  • Use of R&M contracts under framework agreements
  • Administration of an R&M contract
  • Pricing and payment under R&M contracts
  • Defects rectification period under an R&M contract
  • Term contracts for repair and maintenance works
  • Administration of a term contract
  • More...

This Practice Note looks at the nature of repair and maintenance contracts, how they are used and the different types of such contracts: term contracts and contracts for specific, pre-defined works. It looks at particular considerations that need to be taken into account in respect of repair and maintenance construction contracts and at the standard forms that might be used by an employer to appoint a contractor for this type of work.

The term ‘repair and maintenance contract’ could be used to refer to:

  1. a contract for a specific project involving pre-defined repair and maintenance work to be carried out by the appointed contractor (referred to, in this Practice Note, as an ‘R&M contract’), or

  2. a programme of, as yet undefined (or defined only by type), repair and maintenance works that are to be carried out by the appointed contractor, upon instruction to do so, over a specified time period (usually several years) across a number of properties. This type of contract might be referred to as a measured term contract or term contract (for ease, in this Practice Note, we refer to this type of contract as a ‘term contract’)

Although both these types of contract are used for the procurement and delivery of repairs and maintenance services, they have different purposes and are used differently by employers.

Repair and maintenance contracts of both types may

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