Recruitment planning
Produced in partnership with Paul Gilbert of LBC Wise Counsel
Recruitment planning

The following In-house Advisor practice note produced in partnership with Paul Gilbert of LBC Wise Counsel provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Recruitment planning

Recruitment planning

Recruitment is of fundamental importance to the operation of a successful in-house legal team, but it commands much less attention than other, arguably less critical, facets of running an in-house function.

The business of running a successful recruitment campaign is a theme in itself and outside the scope of this article, but represents the last act in a process which is often constructed in haste in the immediate aftermath of a resignation rather than planned as a process in its own right. Successful recruitment planning takes place well in advance of a vacancy arising. While unpredicted resignations or other sudden absences cannot of course be planned for, other recruitment activities can and should be planned in advance. The thoughtful manager will always consider what may happen if one of their team leaves unexpectedly. Recruitment should not however be conceived of as the activity of replacing one member with another, but instead at a much more strategic level.

Any strategic consideration of recruitment requirements will consider first what the requirements for legal advice are and can be expected to be across a time period of months or years. Beginning at the requirements end of the equation rather than the resources end of the equation helps to prevent general counsel and other legal leaders from trapping their thinking by reference to the status quo—which can often lead

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